Translated Titles

The New Classic Trend in the Poetry of Yang Chia-Hsien




丁旭輝(Hsu-Hui Ting)

Key Words

楊佳嫻 ; 現代詩 ; 新古典 ; Yang Chia-hsien ; modern poetry ; new classic



Volume or Term/Year and Month of Publication

8卷2期(2011 / 12 / 01)

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167 - 195

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Yang Chia-hsien is an important rising poet in the decade in the new century of poetry in Taiwan. With the characteristics of creative new classic poetry, she presents a brand-new scene with the integration of unique classic cultivation and classic modern. With the ultimate spirit of innovation, she increases a new look for the possible development of modern Han-poetry from three paths: applies classic subjects and transforms them into modern writings with the stories of modern women and the poetic history concerns; creates classic contexts to show the classic atmosphere in modern poetry; and integrates the ancient and the modern to newly make up, imagine, and interfere in classic contexts, as well as empathizes with the classic to create an existing ”I” cross the ancient and the modern. It allows both the ancient and the modern to coexist, the ancients to regenerate, and following ”I” to travel and transit the contemporary living space and emotional thinking so that the classic stories present the sequels of the contemporary and the classic contexts appear the performance of contemporary, to present the new life of classic subjects. Her powerful narrative skills often make readers feel on-the-scene and enable them to experience the magic charm of reading.

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