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Gender Mainstreaming in Belgium


彭渰雯(Yen-Wen Peng);李秉叡(Bing-Rei Li)

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性別主流化 ; 比利時 ; 性別平等 ; 平等機會 ; 絨三角 ; gender mainstreaming ; Belgium ; gender equality ; equal opportunities ; velvet triangle



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3卷4期(2007 / 12 / 01)

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111 - 134

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Chinese Abstract

「性別主流化」(Gender Mainstreaming)自1995年起成爲聯合國推動性別平等的官方途徑。歐盟也在1997年簽署的『阿姆斯特丹條約』(Amsterdam Treaty)中,採取它爲推動性別平等的正式政策途徑。不過,這個途徑超越傳統「男女平等」的層次,強調性別關係的整體轉化,在實踐上卻並非那麼容易。回顧國際經驗,歐洲推動性別平等的歷史,在全世界原本就居於領先地位,而比利時在歐盟各國中,實施性別主流化的成績一般被視爲中上。因此,本文透過比利時的個案經驗之引介,說明推動「性別主流化」可能遭遇的阻礙、挑戰,以及克服這些挑戰所需要的政治意志、民間力量與政策建制和資源等條件,以做爲我國推動性別主流化之參考。

English Abstract

”Gender Mainstreaming” has been adopted as the official policy approach by the United Nations to advance gender equality since 1995. European Union also subscribed to this approach as endorsed in the Amsterdam Treaty in 1997. However, a successful ”transformation” in practice is not easy. Belgium's achievement in promoting gender equality is viewed as above average among the European countries. Through the case study of the Belgian experience, this article tries to illustrate the obstacles and challenges of launching gender mainstreaming, and explores the conditions that may overcome the obstacles, including the required political will, civil participation, and policy institutions and resources.

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社會科學 > 社會科學綜合
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