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The fear of love and fear of death: discuss about the social imagination of death in "A Girl Like Me" which is wrote by XiXi.


賴素玫(Lai Su Mei)

Key Words

西西 ; 像我這樣的一個女子 ; 死亡 ; 社會想像 ; XiXi ; A Girl Like Me ; Death ; Social imagination



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13期(2018 / 04 / 30)

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107 - 129

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This paper tried to use Anthropology methods. Based on love, Job and death point of views to discuss "A Girl Like Me" which is wrote by XiXi. There are three conclusions as below:1. Due to the undertaker, this job is close to the things, which are related to death. Because of this job, love and death are coexistence and mutually exclusive in the life of heroine. 2. Due to the job of undertaker is related to the death, the heroine was crowd out by the people. 3. All of things are linked to the death. These are the imagining from the people was afraid and resist dying in the society.

Topic Category 社會科學 > 教育學