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On the Ethical Education Function of Chinese Calligraphy and its Teaching Principles


林文琪(Wen-Chi Lin)

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書法 ; 倫理教育 ; 書法美學 ; 書畫論 ; 經典閱讀 ; 自我技術 ; Chinese calligraphy ; Ethical education ; Calligraphy aesthetics ; Essays of Chinese Calligraphy and Painting ; Classic reading education Technology of self



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13期(2018 / 04 / 30)

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27 - 52

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Chinese Abstract

本文以書畫論及儒家禮樂教化的教育構想為基礎,闡發書法作為倫理教育所以可能的基礎,並提出建議性的施教原則。本文指出:書法的倫理教化功能,可以從書寫的文字內容及書寫的動作本身二個面向來談論:(一)就書法書寫的文字內容而言,書法教育是一種經典閱讀教育,在教學上建議導向典範學習的閱讀,引導學習者將閱讀活動導向:(1) 以古為鑑的現實社會批判,(2) 回返個人生活情境的敘事反思,(3) 與典範人物近身接觸的觀摩學習。(二)就書寫的動作本身而言,書法教育是一種微型的道德體操,主要是將運筆用墨的技術學習,導向一種「通過技術的自我教養」,或是「自我技術」,建議教師可以在書法技術的教學中融入(1) 臨摹實作與反思並重的訓練,(2) 提升心智再現能力的訓練,(3) 引導追求「由技入道」的理想技術操作狀態。

English Abstract

Based on the Essays of Chinese Calligraphy and Painting and the educational conception of Confucian rites and music, this paper expounds the possible basis of calligraphy as an ethical education, and puts forward some suggestions for teaching. This article points out: the ethical function of Chinese calligraphy can be discussed from the writing content and the aspects of the writing action itself. Chinese calligraphy education is a kind of classic reading education in the writing content of calligraphy, which suggests guiding the learners to read with criticism of the real society based on ancient history, narrative reflection on personal life situation, and observing and learning in close contact with role models. Chinese calligraphy education is a miniature moral gymnastics in the writing action of calligraphy, which suggests guiding the learners to cultivate themselves through and in the performance of calligraphy. The suggestions for teaching are to integrate the training of imitate the strokes of model Chinese calligraphy with reflection , to enhance the ability of mental representation in the reading of model Chinese calligraphy, and to guide the learners to transform the calligraphy performance into a self-cultivation.

Topic Category 社會科學 > 教育學