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Strategies to Transcend Political Gain and Loss in Latest Life


王之相(Chih-Shiang Wang)

Key Words

人生晚境 ; 民族主義 ; 死亡 ; 章太炎 ; 宗教 ; Latest Life ; Nationalism ; Death ; Zhang Taiyan ; Religion



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13期(2018 / 04 / 30)

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87 - 106

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No matter winner or loser, the elderly in the latest life should let go his political gain or loss peacefully. Such mentality arises naturally from the teaching of death. This quiet touch of the hand of death would not have great effect without help of certain mental strategies. Mental strategy here means certain kind of knowledge and religious revelation. Especially while engaging in nationalist antagonism, religion seems like to be the sole higher power above nationalism. Zhang Taiyan's reflection could be an example. However, Christianity and Buddism show up different effect upon the population of life/death education in everyday life, whose negative problem should be brought to surface in Taiwan.

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