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The Risk Management of Flood and Mudflows in Kaohsiung Area When Global Warming




吳富堯(F. E. Wu);莊鎮寧(J. N. Jhuang);蔡尚倫(S. L. Cai)

Key Words

作業風險管理ORM ; 暖化 ; 土石流 ; 豪雨 ; 洪水 ; 雨災 ; Operational Risk Management ORM ; Global Warming ; Flood ; Mudflows ; Landslides



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8卷1期(2011 / 03 / 01)

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19 - 30

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Chinese Abstract

暖化效應形成氣候異常使台灣雨量相對上升,水災影響程度極大,最爲嚴重的八八水災,造成的有形損失及無形傷痛都難以估計,本研究使用作業風險管理ORM(Operational Risk Management)找出雨量災害所可能發生的風險加以預防,並從中找出可減低居民財產、生命損失的方法。

English Abstract

The climate warming causes unusually heavy and relatively increase great floods, such as the 88 flood, resulting in tremendous disaster, this study uses Operational Risk Management possible risks to identify rainfall in the risk of disasters that may occur and to prevent and reduce, possible loss properties and lives.

Topic Category 社會科學 > 管理學
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