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The Operational Safety of Ship Navigation-An Empirical Study in Kaohsiung Port Based on Risk Management by Using Risk Management Tools




李婕漪(C. Y. Lee);吳富堯(F. E. Wu);鄭廷宣(T. S. Jheng);詹育恆(Y. H Jhan)

Key Words

風險管理軟體 ; 港口 ; 船舶 ; Risk Management Tools ; RM2S ; Cargo Vessels ; Harbor



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13卷1期(2016 / 03 / 01)

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17 - 24

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Chinese Abstract

因大陸沿海港口相繼開發建設,台灣附近海域航行船舶數量大幅增加,雖因海洋科技精進,船舶建造趨向大型化,造船技術日漸精進新穎,航儀設備精密,海圖電子化,航速提高,唯時有發生海難事故。本研究是以執行風險管理軟體(RM2S),運用於高雄港船舶航行安全之研究,以「風險管理應用在船舶航行作業安全之研究-以高雄港為例」(孫暐炫 2008)為軟體操作數據,利用風險管理軟體(RM2S)進行船舶航行事故之風險控制分析。

English Abstract

As the cargo vessels are made huger, more robust, and equipped with more delicate navigation electrical maps or system, the enormously increased number of navigating vessels and operating harbor constructions have inevitably increased potential risk leading to a higher naval accidental rate across the crowded Taiwan Strait these years. Current study utilizes the risk management software- RM2S to analyze the root causes of the actual naval accidents collected by 孫暐炫(2008) at Kaohsuing Harbor of Taiwan. Conclusions are to analyze the risk factors and control measures to provide risk management solutions for prevention from those naval accidents.

Topic Category 社會科學 > 管理學
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