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A Study on Risk Assessment for Preventing the False Marriage of Mainland Spouse




黃讚松(T. S. Huang);張步魁(B. K. Chang)

Key Words

大陸配偶 ; 虛偽結婚 ; 風險評估 ; Mainland Spouse ; False Marriage ; Risk Assessment



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14卷2期(2017 / 09 / 01)

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43 - 53

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Chinese Abstract

兩岸敵對狀態至今未解,臺灣從1987 年7月15 日宣布解嚴,兩岸人民間開始有了往來互動,也促使彼此通婚之可能性與必要性。然有鑒於查獲大陸地區人民以結婚名義來臺從事不法活動、非法工作或賣淫等案例日益嚴重,有危害社會及國家安全之虞。2004 年3 月1 日起政府開始針對以結婚名義來臺之大陸地區人民予以實施面談機制,比對認識經過及交往情形等雙方說詞,據以研判雙方婚姻是否屬實,來加強大陸配偶申請來臺之審查。本研究以較具國安風險顧慮的大陸配偶為評估對象,從整體面向探究現行防制大陸配偶虛偽結婚機制有無缺失,並參考相關理論與文獻,研擬改善及強化訪查(察)、面(訪)談機制之措施,甫以作業風險管理作業方式歸納分析防制大陸配偶虛偽結婚失效風險因子,採取適當因應對策,以發揮機制該有之成效,提升效能,降低大陸配偶假借結婚名義來臺之發生率。最後以政策面、法制面及執行面等三個面向提供政府相關單位,實務運作降低風險之參考。

English Abstract

Since it declared Martial Law ended on July 15th, 1987, Cross-Strait people has communicated and interacted to each other for years, implying the increase of possibility and necessity of mutual intermarry. In light of the increasingly serious cases of illegal activities, illegal work or prostitution of people from mainland China in the name of marriage, which jeopardizes the safety of society and nation, it has implemented interview system for people who come from mainland China in the name of marriage since 2004. In order to judge whether the marriage is real or not, it makes comparisons on the mutual parties’ descriptions about the process of getting acquainted with each other or the situation of interaction for tightening control on the examination for Taiwan residence application of mainland spouse. This study aims to explore whether it has deficiency or not on the current prevention mechanism against false marriage of mainland spouse from an overall perspective. Further, it referred to relevant theories and literatures for formulating the improvement and reinforcement measure on visiting and interview mechanisms. It adopted appropriate corresponding countermeasures by means of Operational Risk Management Integration Tools to make an inductive analysis on the risk factor of failure on preventing false marriage of mainland spouse in order to take effect with its natural mechanism, promote the efficiency as well as lower the incidence of Taiwan residence application of mainland spouse due to false marriage. In conclusion, it proposed the suggestions for relevant authorities in terms of lowering risk in practical operations from three perspectives of policy, regulation and implementation

Topic Category 社會科學 > 管理學
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