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The Experience of Junior High Obese Students in Physical Education Participation




蔡韶芹(Shao-Chin Tsai);闕月清(Nyit-Chin Keh)

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肥胖 ; 身體活動 ; 參與經驗 ; 身體意象 ; 人際關係 ; obesity ; physical activity ; participation experience ; body image ; interpersonal relationship



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9期(2012 / 07 / 01)

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178 - 189

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Chinese Abstract

隨著科技發達、經濟的蓬勃發展,人類逐漸轉變為坐臥式的生活型態。在以往臺灣社會的孩子,身形圓潤被視為是可愛、福氣的象徵,然而在醫學發達的今日,過於肥胖卻是一種健康上不可忽視的警訊。本研究目的主要係透過肥胖國中生在學校體育課所參與的身體活動,藉此暸解肥胖學生自己本身的身體意象及其與同儕互動之關係,並藉由肥胖國中生在體育課程中同儕間的人際互動情形,探究影響其參與身體活動之因素。本研究參與者為立意取樣,以就讀於臺北市立某國中身體質量指數(Body Mass Index, BMI)為肥胖的兩名八年級男學生為研究參與者(BMI=29.73; 34.48)。研究方法採多向度自我身體關係問卷Multidimensional Body-Self Relations Questionnaires, MBSRQ)的檢測、參與觀察與半結構式訪談。參與觀察為期一個月的體育課程,前後進行兩次半結構式的深度訪談,以內容分析法分析參與觀察與訪談之文字資料。本研究結果發現有三:(一)身體意象:兩位研究參與者對身體活動持正面的觀點,雖自覺體重過於肥胖,但仍對生活抱持樂觀態度;(二)同儕互動:兩位研究參與者在體育課堂中之身體活動參與及同儕互動皆良好,亦不排斥在體育課裡自娛娛人之角色;(三)參與身體活動之影響因素:影響兩位研究參與者參與身體活動主要為個人因素,如興趣喜好、同儕互動、過往體育課程經驗,以及體育教師影響等。由研究結果,歸納出以下結論:肥胖學生雖對於自己外在不甚滿意,在同儕互動上卻未受影響,其原因除了個人因素外,體育教師亦為其中重要影響原因之一。本研究發現有助於體育教師將健康的身體意象融入體育課程教學的參考。

English Abstract

With the rapid growth of technology and economic development, people nowadays don't have to chase after animals for a living; instead, we tend to lead an easy lifestyle while lying on the sofa as couch potatoes. In Taiwan society, chubby children are regarded as a symbol of happiness, and even a blessing. However, the development of medical science turned this belief into a serious warning of health condition, known as obesity. The purpose of this study was to examine the body image of the obese students during physical activity participation, and to investigate the influential factors of physical activity participation through their interpersonal relationship with peer in PE class. The participants were two eighth grade male students purposively sampled from a Taipei Junior High school. They were obese with high BMI(29.73 & 34.48 respectively). Multidimensional Body-Self Relations Questionnaires (MBSRQ), the participant observation and the semi-structured interview were used to collect data. The MBSRQ consisted of 10 items, using 5-point Likert scale to indicate agreement and disagreement (1= very disagree and 5= very agree). After observing their engagement in PE class for a month, the qualitative data were analyzed using content analysis. The results were: (1) Body image: both students held positive attitude toward their achievement in physical activities. Although conscious of their body weight, they were still optimistic in life. (2) Peer interaction: generally, both students were highly engaged and showed great interaction with peers during PE class. They also played a role of joking and entertaining others in PE class. (3) Physical activity participation influential factors: Factors influenced the impact participation in physical activity were personal, such as interests, peer interaction, previous physical education experiences, and the impact of PE teacher. Two recommendations were proposed according to the findings: (1) Because the participants were males, future study should examine females or dual sex's body images; (2) Since school teacher was one of the factors impacted student's physical activity participation, it is imperative to look at how does teacher influence body image of obese student.

Topic Category 社會科學 > 體育學