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The Pursuit of Reality in "Family Catastrophe" and "Crystal Boys"




洪珊慧(San-Hui Hung)

Key Words

現代主義 ; 王文興 ; 白先勇 ; 家變 ; 孽子 ; Modernism ; Wang Wen-Hsing ; Pai Hsien-Yung ; Family Catastrophe ; Crystal Boys



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12期(2011 / 04 / 01)

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187 - 204

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Chinese Abstract


English Abstract

Wang Wen-Hsing and Pai Hsien-Yung were both important members of the magazine ”Modern Literature”. Wang's ”Family Catastrophe” and Pai's ”Crystal Boys” were also significant masterpieces in the 1970s and 1980s on the Taiwan literary scene. ”Family Catastrophe” begins with a father leaving his family, and consequently probes into and investigates the relationships between the father and his son. The novel's subject matter and unconventional style attracted considerable attention. On the other hand, ”Crystal Boys” opens with a son driven out from the family by his father, and has generated massive discussion as being the first novel to deal with male homosexuality in Taiwan. Both ”Family Catastrophe” and ”Crystal Boys” portray the conflict between father and son, the theme of self-pursuit, and the clashes between and collapse of the father-son relationship in the traditional family. In its discussion of the hidden reality of human nature depicted in ”Family Catastrophe” and the search for human reality and sexual identification implied in ”Crystal Boys”, this paper aims to show that the two novels typify literary Modernism in their presentation of the pursuit of reality.

Topic Category 人文學 > 語言學
人文學 > 中國文學
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