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The Effect of Positive Brand Experience on Consumer's Attitude: The Mediating Role of Self-Brand Connections




林少龍(Shao-Lung Lin);繆敏志(Min-Chih Miao);俞佳萱(Jia-Shuan Yu)

Key Words

正面品牌經驗 ; 自我品牌相關 ; 消費者忠誠度 ; 消費者滿意度 ; positive brand experience ; self brand connection ; consumer satisfaction ; consumer loyalty



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25期(2012 / 09 / 01)

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1 - 23

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Chinese Abstract


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The main purpose of this study is to explore and examine the relationship among positive brand experience, self brand connection, consumer satisfaction and consumer loyalty. The data was provide by a sample of 284 graduate and university students. The results revealed that positive brand experience influenced self brand connection, consumer satisfaction and loyalty positively; self brand connection affected consumer satisfaction and loyalty positively. In addition, the results of path analysis revealed self brand connection mediated the relationship of positive brand experience and consumer satisfaction, as well as the relationship of positive brand experience and consumer loyalty. In the end we discussed implications for theory and practices, and suggestions for the further study.

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