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Marketing of MNP Service




陳怡靜(I-Ching Chen);陳詳衡(Hsiang-Heng Chen)

Key Words

行動商務 ; 可攜式門號 ; 行動電話系統業者 ; 行銷4P ; mobile commerce ; MNP service ; cellular phone providers ; Marketing 4P



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469期(2010 / 09 / 01)

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27 - 39

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Chinese Abstract


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This paper, based on 4P Theory of Marketing, investigates the impacts of product, price, place, promotion on mobile number portability (MNP), and to test Demographics significance difference. The total of 360 questionnaires were issued, and the valid response rate is 86% (308 of 360 is returned). The method of analysis includes descriptive statistics analysis, reliability analysis, ANOVA, correlation analysis, and hypotheses tests. The results of analysis showed that it's more willing to use MNP for female than male. For people who are much more incomes, and much monthly fees pay, the more willingness to use MNP. The interviewees who use Taiwan Cellular Corporation (TCC) are more willing to use MNP. Coefficient correlation analysis finds that 4P strategies positively affect the willingness of using MNP, and they are ranked in product, price, place and promotion. The product can be a first priority to enable popular using of MNP service..

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