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【論文摘要】Application of Automatic Tongue Diagnostic System on Traditional Medicine


廖翊翔(Yi-Hsiang Liao);張育佳(Yuh-Chia Chang);林正哲(Cheng-Che Lin)

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自動化舌診分析系統 ; 中醫 ; 舌診 ; Automatic Tongue Diagnostic System (ATDS) ; Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) ; Tongue Diagnosis



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26卷1期(2021 / 01 / 10)

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Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has its own unique diagnostic and systematic methods to approach patients. Four examinations are correlated to physiological and pathological theory to create a comprehensive picture of the patient's overall condition. Tongue examination provides some of the most significant manifestations for pattern identification and syndrome differentiation, via observing a variety of tongue characters like the tongue size, the tongue color, the coating color and thickness, the crack depth, the red dots, the moisture of the tongue, the ecchymosis and the dental indentations. It is promising owing to its non-invasive nature as well. However, the disagreement and inconsistency of tongue inspections may occur due to environmental and subjective factors such as different illumination condition, which all lead to misdiagnosis. To eliminate the bias, automatic tongue diagnostic system (ATDS) is established to provide objective and quantitative results and to standardize the intra-and inter-agreements of tongue inspection. Here we reviewed the mechanism of tongue inspection, the development and the progress of ATDS and its application in TCM. With the aid of ATDS, possible clinical assessment could be implemented through the manifestation of the tongue. The article summarized the references and hopefully in the future, we could identify the pattern of the disease, perform preliminary screening, and treat patients in early stage in the assistance of the ATDS.

Topic Category 醫藥衛生 > 中醫藥學