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The Extension and Transcendency of Life: The Direction of Life Guided by Wang Jia's "Shi Yi Ji" for People in Troublous Period




李昭鴻(Chao-Hung Lee)

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王嘉 ; 拾遺記 ; 樓觀派 ; 長生不死 ; Wang Jia ; Shi Yi Ji ; Louguai branch ; immortality



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11期(2010 / 12 / 01)

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1 - 22

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Wang Jia has long been considered as the pioneer of Taoism's Louguai branch. His ”Shi Yi Ji” was based on emperors' pedigree and took miscellaneous style in its content. It advocated that immortality was not a fabricated myth but an accessible goal through human effort. The modern version of ”Shi Yi Ji” was made up and rearranged by Hsiao Chi. Its content, remarks and preface manifested the differences between Taoism and Confucianism, which indicated that it generally kept the original content of ”Shi Yi Ji” and could be served as an index to grasp Wang Jia's thought. The present study was based on the ten volumes of ”Shi Yi Ji” and delibrated Wang Jia's life and the background of his time. From the development of Taoism branches and thought, it was induced that ”Shi Yi Ji” conveyed the meaning of sering their own god. Now, from the analysis of each term, we can generalize the vision that ”Shi Yi Ji” tried to provide for people in troublous period. First, it admited that emperors' achievements were given by God. Achievements in the mortal world could not be obtained by the effort afterward. Being the ascetic was the convert of life. Second, the narration of exotic and wonder lands, control of information about God's medicine and the greater possibilities that ordinary people met the celestial beings all reinforced the reliability of immortality. Finally, it proposed that learning the right way of acting as human was the prerequisite to become celestial beings. By combining the concepts of beneficence and few desires that Confucianism and Taoism focused respectively, it converted the pursuing of metaphysics into reflection of the present world, and guided the people in troublous period the definite direction of life.

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