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Multiple Disasters and Homeland Security Lessons from the Security Response and Crisis Management of DHS in America




張世澤(Shih-Tse Chang);張世強(Shih-Chiang Chang)

Key Words

國土安全部 ; 聯邦緊急應變署 ; 卡崔娜颶風 ; 三哩島核能事件 ; Department of Homeland Security ; Federal Emergency Management Agency ; Hurricane Katrina ; Three Mile Island Accident



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7期(2011 / 04 / 01)

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203 - 217

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The earthquake of 9.0 magnitude and subsequent tsunami occurred in Japan on 11 March 2011 not only raise severity of crisis at nuclear plant, but also shock the world with the devastation of multiple disasters. In order to provide some suggestions for further improvement in Taiwan, we are going to review the Security Response and Crisis Management of Department of Homeland Security when facing Hurricane Katrina. By introducing the security response and crisis management of Department of Homeland Security, this article is trying to explore the relationship among multiple disasters, crisis management and homeland security.

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