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On Construction of Self-Identity and Memory Writing about Food in Malaysian Chinese Culinary Literature


许通元(Tong-Guan Kho)

Key Words

马华饮食文学 ; 自我身份建构 ; 美食记忆 ; 钟怡雯 ; Malaysian Chinese Culinary literature ; Construction of Self-Identity ; Memory Writing about Food ; Chung Yi-wen



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7期(2011 / 12 / 01)

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41 - 54

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This article mainly studies process in Malaysian Chinese Culinary Literature, attempt by identity construction method, summarizes Malaysian Chinese Culinary process which I observed all these years. In the article, I emphasized in categories them into ”Construction of Self-Identity in Malaysian Chinese Culinary process” and ”Memory Writing about Food in Malaysian Chinese Culinary process”. With this article, I hope that it will encourage more scholars and researchers take part in this field which is still new either in creative works and research.

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