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Jürgen Moltmann and Kazoh Kitamori on the Pain of God


洪亮(Hong Liang)

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上帝之痛苦 ; 三一論 ; 終末論 ; 上帝之主權 ; 和解 ; the pain of God ; Trinity ; eschatology ; the sovereignty of God ; reconciliation



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28期(2019 / 12 / 01)

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125 - 149

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In 1946, Kazoh Kitamori published his Theology of the Pain of God, emphasizing that the pain of God caused by the death of his Son should form the core of the doctrine of God. With this, Kazoh opened a new chapter in twentieth-century works on the doctrine of God. In 1972 Jürgen Moltmann published The Crucified God, in which he similarly accentuated the pain God experienced through the cross of Jesus. In the later historiography of theology, however, the important differences between these two classics, each of which attempts to work through the Japanese and German war experiences by wrestling with the question of the pain of God, have not been adequately highlighted. The following essay will discuss the substantial difference between these two works from the perspective of the doctrine of the Trinity, eschatology and the sovereignty of God.

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