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A Project to Improve the Process of Pre-operative Patient's Procedure in Post Operation Room




黃瓊瑤(Chuing-Yao Huang);張惠珍(Huei-Chen Chang);邱月華(Yue-Wah Chiu);陳清芬(Ching-Fen Chen);郭俐伶(Li-Lin Kuo);張德馨(Te-Hsin Chang)

Key Words

病人安全 ; 服務品質 ; 電腦資訊 ; patient safety ; quality of service ; computer information



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7卷2期(2013 / 07 / 01)

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25 - 36

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The project aims to implement the patient identification for safety and to improve the quality of health care. By using methods of observation and questionnaire to audit the inpatients reception procedure in the post operation room of a medical center, we identified major issues, which included handwriting of in-charge staff is difficult to recognize, the attendants heard things wrong, only one patient identification method was used, and inpatient transferring processes is not followed. By ways of implementing computer print of patient registration card, the list of daily surgical inpatients, the standardized patient identification method and the surgical inpatients receiving standard and procedures for attendants, increased use of wireless intercom solution, the completion rate of the inpatient reception of surgical procedures increased from 85% to 99.5%; the time for nurse on duty spending daily on registration card reduced from 34.6 minutes to 7.2 minutes; attendants to complete the process of receiving the patient reduced from 24.6 minutes to 13.2 minutes. The use of computer information, process simplification and standardization did provide a safe and efficient care.

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