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Hospice Care for a Teenage Patient with End-stage Ewing's Sarcoma




蘇愷琪(Kai-Chi Su);吳秀春(Hsiu-Chun Wu)

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尤文氏肉瘤 ; 癌末 ; 青少年 ; 安寧照護 ; Ewing's sarcoma ; end-stage cancer ; adolescent ; hospice care



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7卷2期(2013 / 07 / 01)

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60 - 70

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This article describes the nursing care for a teenage patient, who has end-stage Ewing's sarcoma with lung and bone metastasis, experienced symptoms of terminal disease and anxiety before death. The nursing care was performed from June 1st to June 17th, 2010, using Roy Adaptation Model and case interview to collect objective data in order to perform physical, mental and social assessment. The data was then analyzed conclusively to confirm the case's main physical problems such as dyspnea, pain, and anxiety induced by physical pain and upcoming death. The patient's mother had also experienced expected distress of losing love ones. During the nursing care, patient's emotion was unstable due to lose of self-control, and he appeared to be indifferent and hostile when contacting health professionals, which caused difficulty to build relationship with patients. Author used hospice care principles to proactively provide care, understand, listen, communicate, accompany and assist patient for body cleaning care, in order to build reliable relationship, to alleviate patient's mental pain, and to induce patient and patient's family to release negative feelings. In addition, mental support and condolence were provided. Patient's mother was assisted to be ready to face patient's death. Grief responses of patient's family were also followed-up. We expect to provide other nursing staffs this care experience, in order to promote quality of care for patients with terminal disease.

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