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Nursing Care of a Middle-Aged Woman Experience Lower Extremity Fracture and Spousal Bereavement in Road Traffic Accident




沙煒惠(Wei-Hui Sha);方喻慧(Yu-Hui Fang)

Key Words

口腔癌 ; 無力感 ; 家庭因應 ; lower extremity fracture ; acute pain ; anxiety ; risk for infection ; grief



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7卷2期(2013 / 07 / 01)

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84 - 93

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This case report demonstrated the nursing care experience for a middle-aged woman suffered from lower extremity fracture and spousal bereavement in road traffic accident. The nursing care period was from June 10th to 16th of 2011. With application of Gordon's 11 Functional Health Pattern Assessment, data was collected by using interview, observation and physical assessment to provide a framework to address spiritual, physiological and psychological needs. The nursing diagnosis and care plans included acute pain, risk for infection, anxiety and grief. Prior to the surgery, nurses used the methods of caring, empathy and supportive skill to build a good nurse-patient relationship, provided psychological support, adequate information and guidance for her surgery to reduce pain and anxiety post-operatively. Through professional support, teaching, and supportive technique, all these may have contributed to successful recovery for patient without post-operative infections and complications. All these may have contributed to successful recovery for the patient. This case report described how the nurse facilitated this case and assisted the woman though the grieving process. The author helped the woman to face the grief from the loss of her spouse, to overcome the difficult adjustment to life after her spouse's death, and to establish new relationships with external support system by consoling the patient regarding her situation and providing proper advices. It is hoped that this case report will help nursing staffs to be more sensitive to provide proper grief care and assist patient to adapt to a new life.

Topic Category 醫藥衛生 > 預防保健與衛生學
醫藥衛生 > 社會醫學
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