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The Study of the Interrelation between Knowledge Sharing and Organizational Performance from Personality and Organizational Culture in High Technology Industry




李朱慧(Chu-Hui Lee);林孟鋒(Meng-Feng Lin)

Key Words

人格特質 ; 組織文化 ; 知識分享 ; 組織績效 ; Personality Traits ; Organizational Culture ; Knowledge Sharing ; Organizational Performance



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3卷1期(2008 / 09 / 01)

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18 - 37

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As a result of high turnover among enterprises, knowledge has been lost and organization performance has been reduced. Nowadays, the recruiters will not only consider the specialty of the individual, but will also give him a test of personality traits. In the knowledge economy era, the success of enterprises not only depends on the input of capitals and resources, but more importantly, the management and application of enterprise knowledge. Due to the current situation listed above, this research studies the interrelation between knowledge sharing and organizational performance from the perspectives of personality traits and organizational culture in high technology industry. There are three observations in the thesis; first one is the agreeableness personality trait and stimulation-inspiring organizational culture show significant positive effect on knowledge sharing. The mean is appearing that both characteristics can effectively predict the occurrence of the enterprise knowledge sharing behavior. Second, conscientiousness personality trait has a negative effect on the entirety performance which can also be affected by the stimulation-inspiring organizational culture. That’s representing these two kinds of characteristics can effectively predict manifestation of entirety performance.

Topic Category 社會科學 > 管理學
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