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Psychological and Physical Requirements for Music-Gifted Student Majoring in Piano




黄揚婷(Yang-Ting Huang)

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音樂資優生 ; 鋼琴 ; 心理條件 ; 生理條件 ; Music-gifted student ; Piano ; Psychological requirements ; Physical requirements



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2期(2007 / 06 / 01)

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14 - 22

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It is required to gather many different organs such as thinking, body, feeling, hearing and vision during playing piano. However, each child has been born by different natures, which could be divided into two factors: psychological and physical. When only child's body meets requirement of playing piano, he can continuously concentrate on playing. This research is taken by questionnaire focusing on investigation of individual piano teacher for Kaohsiung primary school music-gifted class. The main purpose of this research is to discuss psychological and physical requirements for music-gifted student majoring in piano. In summary, it is found that psychological requirements include enthusiasm activeness concentration patience imagination creativity comprehension and plentiful feeling; Physical requirements cover long finger with ingenious and independent operation, wide palm with harmonious coordination and excellent body swinging. Educator should provide piano learning direction in accordance with child's natural gifted excellence, so as to make this learning process of playing piano more successful.

Topic Category 社會科學 > 教育學
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