Consumer Behavior Analysis with Fruit Group-Buying




Wantran Huang;Chun-Yu Chien

Key Words

Group-buying ; New channel ; Consumers behavior ; Consumers confidence


International Journal of Intelligent Technologies and Applied Statistics

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4卷1期(2011 / 03 / 01)

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95 - 107

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English Abstract

This paper proposes the consumer group-buying the domestic fruit. ”Group-buying” is collective buying that buyers offered products and services at reducing prices with a minimum number of buyers to make the purchase. This research was established the conduction of survey upon the nation divided into four different geographical districts. The decisions making for consumer-association are based greatly upon ”convenience,” ”inexpensive price ranges,” ”trust in quality standards,” and ”consumption habits.” Other important purchase variables are ”reliability” and ”kindness and compassion” of sellers. This extensive research thoroughly analyzes the reasons behind the decision making of a consumer upon purchasing the emerging circuit's expense patterns and the demands made regarding the group. It also provides the group with reason for purchase of businesses that develop entrustment upon marketing strategies, especially towards the emerging circuit.

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