Private Sector’s Contributions to the Development of the Nigerian Housing Market


R.A. Gbadeyan

Key Words

Housing market ; multi stage stratified sampling ; private developers ; Turnkey ; pre-letting ; property development


Current Research Journal of Social Sciences

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3卷2期(2011 / 03 / 30)

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104 - 113

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English Abstract

Housing problem is one of the major issues normally discussed in the world fora today. This is due to the dire shortage of accommodation; the demands for it far surpass the number available for human living. This deficit in housing requirements is a product of many factors amongst which include: increase population; rural urban migration; industrialization; emergence of commercial and mega cities; climatic change; natural disasters such as earth quakes, war, famine, drought and others. The Paper therefore, attempts to examine how Private sector has helped in alleviating some of these housing problems in Nigeria. A Survey Research was carried out through the use of questionnaire instrument. Three types of Questionnaire are designed: one for the Tenants, the Landlords and Private developers. The Multi Stage Sampling techniques were adopted for the study; while Chi-square Statistics and Mean Score ranking were the Statistical tools used for the analysis. Result reveals that Estate agents appeared to be making the most significant contributions to the development in the Nigeria Housing Market and one of the major problems facing these Private developers was the lack of finance to embark on meaningful housing delivery services amongst others. It is recommended that Government housing policy need to be proactive, most especially in respect of addressing delay in getting title registration on lands. The Government should also focus its attention on the problem of poor infrastructural facilities; this is believed is necessary for more developments to take place in the real property market in Nigeria.

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