Land Fragmentation and Agricultural Development in Tivland of Benue State, Nigeria


V. V. Kakwagh;J. A. Aderonmu;A. Ikwuba

Key Words

Agriculture ; irrigation farming ; land fragmentation ; land holding ; Tivland


Current Research Journal of Social Sciences

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3卷2期(2011 / 03 / 30)

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54 - 58

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English Abstract

This study examines the impact of land fragmentation on agricultural development in Tivland of Benue State, Nigeria. The study reveals that the land tenure system in Tivland encourages partitioning of land based on inheritance. A development which leads to excessive subdivision of land into plots of small sizes that are scattered over long walking distances. The study argues that due to small nature of farm sizes, farmers only engage in subsistence farming with barely surplus to generate income. Besides, the dispersal of land holdings and unstaggered planting does not allow the land to be put into effective productive use. The study recommends that policies and agricultural programmes in Nigeria should take into cognizance the existing land tenure systems and the problems that emanate from them. In addition, problems associated with small sized farms and dispersal of holdings can be resolved through the provision of infrastructural facilities. Finally, irrigation facilities should be introduced in Tivland to boost dry season farming.

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