Effect of Phosphate Compounds on Water Retention Capacity of Round Scad Surimi during Frozen Storage




Peng Liang;Wen-Jian Cheng;Hao Zhang;Li-Jiao Chen

Key Words

Cooking loss ; phosphate compounds ; round scad surimi ; water retention


Advance Journal of Food Science and Technology

Volume or Term/Year and Month of Publication

12卷5期(2016 / 10 / 15)

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265 - 270

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English Abstract

This study reports a study of the influence of phosphate compounds on the cooking loss of round scad surimi during the frozen storage. Further more, water retention property of round scad surimi optimized by phosphate compounds through combination design of ternary quadratic form and center of rotation and the regression model was established to predict the cooking loss effect. Results show that the best water retention capacity when composite phosphate contains 50% sodium tripolyphosphate, 20% trisodium phosphate and 30% sodium hexametaphosphate. Under this operational condition, the cooking loss ratio of frozen surimi is only 24.60%, which is 10.24% less than that of frozen surimi without any phosphate compounds. These results generally indicate that the presence of phosphate compounds improve water retention capacity of round scad surimi during frozen storage obviously.

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