Exaggerated Placental Site Lesion Arising from Antecedent Molar Pregnancy in a Perimenopausal Patient: A Case Report and Literature Review

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汪文生(Wen-Sheng Wang);范洪春(Hueng-Chuen Fan);潘瀅如(Ying-Ru Pan);曹唐義(Tang-Yi Tsao)

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exaggerated placental site lesion ; molar pregnancy ; placental site trophoblastic tumor ; 超常胎盤部位反應 ; 葡萄胎 ; 胎盤滋養層細胞腫瘤



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13卷2期(2019 / 12 / 01)

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101 - 105

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Chinese Abstract

Exaggerated placental site (EPS) lesions occur due to excessive infiltration of the implantation site by intermediate trophoblasts. These lesions may occur after a normal pregnancy, molar pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy, or abortion (whether induced or spontaneous). While EPS lesions share some features with placental site trophoblastic tumors (PSTTs), they are considered benign and trophoblastic in nature and typically do not require special treatment. In this case report, we present and discuss a rare case of an EPS lesion that arose from an antecedent complete hydatidiform mole in a 53-year-old perimenopausal woman. In addition, we review the related literature regarding EPS lesions.

English Abstract

超常胎盤部位反應(exaggerated placental site,EPS)肇因於中型滋養層細胞於植入部位之過度浸潤,好發於正常妊娠、葡萄胎、異位妊娠、人工或自然流產。EPS本身屬於良性和滋養性的病變,通常無需進行任何特殊治療,雖與胎盤滋養層細胞腫瘤(placental site trophoblastic tumor,PSTT)有些相似之處,仍具其明顯特性。本個案報告呈現的是一宗罕見EPS病例,一位53歲的停經前婦女因完全性妊娠葡萄胎病史引發之EPS,同時並探討與EPS相關之文獻。

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