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Micro-Scale Urban Meteorological Simulation Analysis For Skyscraper and High Buildings


林瑞國(Reui-Kuo Lin);歐陽寬(Kwan Ouyang);陳德銘(De-Ming Chen)

Key Words

街道尺度 ; 微氣象 ; 剪切流 ; 尾流干擾 ; 台北101 ; street-scale ; micrometeorology ; wind field structure ; shear flow ; wake interaction ; Taipei 101 building



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7卷1期(2015 / 09 / 01)

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142 - 156

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Chinese Abstract


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Due to the high buildings landscape in cities, the pattern of wind field becomes complex more than before, and is a big challenge to street-scale micrometeorology study in the transportation of anthropogenic and natural pollutants. This project will use computational fluid dynamics (CFD) model, which combines the feature of atmospheric circulation and computational fluid dynamics, to simulate the details of the wind field, shear flow, vortex dynamics and the corresponding physics behavior surrounding Taipei 101 skyscraper and high buildings canopy in Xinyi district of Taipei. This simulation could provide useful concept of wind flow on the pollutant dispersion track in street canopy and disturbance development in the atmospheric boundary layer. The results will be utilized to understand the impact of skyscraper buildings on physics of wind pressure, turbulence and noise. It could also provide a concept sample on the street canopy scale of atmospheric dispersion.

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