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A Psychoanalytic Approach to the Symbolic Meaning of Russian Faire Tale "Vasilisa the Beautiful" and Japanese Anime Fantasy Film "Spirited Away"




劉心華(Shin-hwa Liu)

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神話 ; 原型 ; 英雄旅程 ; 單一神話 ; 個體化過程 ; myth ; archetype ; Hero's journey ; monomyth ; individuation



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2卷2期(2016 / 12 / 01)

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19 - 42

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Chinese Abstract

根據瑞士心理分析學大師榮格的觀點,人類自太古以來,無論是神話,或是傳說中象徵的「旅程」,它們所要表達的是個體在生命中原型式的開展,也就是「個體化」(individuation)的成長旅程。在此過程中,最重要的是個人在面對生命的意義及生活的挑戰時,其心靈的「轉化」過程。超乎一般人的想像,每個人在成長過程的每一個階段,當他的人格特質(personality)與自我身分認知(ego-identity)的相合性越堅固時,其適應能力就會越來越失去彈性,面對問題時其因應的改變能力也隨之跟著停滯下來;這種現象對人的求生、適應、成長的自然本能成了阻礙和束縛,使他們苦惱不已。除非能夠適時反省與覺醒,否則他們的生命將會遭遇更嚴酷的挑戰。本論文擬運用榮格學派的理論和論述,搭配美國神話大師喬瑟夫.坎伯(Joseph Campbell)的「單一神話」(monomyth)理論,探討不同文化背景的個人,如何成為戰勝自我宿命的「英雄」;他們都必須經歷一段個人成長的「個體化過程」,也就是「啟程→啟蒙→回歸」的英雄旅程。在實證上,本文特舉俄羅斯民間故事《美麗的瓦希麗莎》與日本動畫電影《神隱少女》為例,經由比較,分析兩則故事中女主角經過冒險歷程所代表的象徵意義與心靈探索。

English Abstract

According to the Swedish psychological analyst Carl Jung's point of view, the "journey" symbolized since time immemorial in myths and legends expresses an archetypal unfolding of the individual through life: the journey of individuation. In this process, the most important is the process of self-transformation of individual in the face of the challenges of life. Beyond our imagination, as our personality and ego-identity become stronger, they can also become less flexible, so that our capacity for adaption and change also slows and freezes. What were once natural mechanisms for adaption, growth, and survival can begin to be limitations that actually accentuate our suffering. Life then presents us with a further challenge, unless we are ready and willing to wake up. . This article intends to use Carl Jung's archetypal theories and Joseph Campbell's "Hero's Journey - Monomyth" to explore how do individuals of different cultural backgrounds become "Heroes" of self-defeat of fate and the process of their individuation, i.e. "departure → initiation → return" of a hero's journey. This paper also takes two cases as examples: one is Russian Faire Tale "Vasilisa the Beautiful", and the other is Japanese Anime Fantasy Film "Spirited Away". In addition, the paper also compares two heroines' process of individuation through adventures and explores the symbolic meanings of their journeys.

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