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The Correlation of Different Footwear Testing Methods


杜冠樺(Kuan-Hua Tu);劉宗翰(Tsung-Han Liu);吳金黛(Chin-Tai Wu);相子元(Tzyy-Yuang Shiang)

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材料測試 ; 人體測試 ; 問卷測試 ; 羽球鞋 ; Material test ; Human test ; Questionnaire ; Badminton shoes



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7期(2012 / 10 / 01)

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69 - 71

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Chinese Abstract

羽球為一種流行的運動,但對於專業的羽球選手,仍然會有產生傷害的危險,因此許多鞋廠在降低運動傷害及增進運動表現方面進行設計。但是在於檢測方式的篩選上,並未有一參考資訊。雖然過去有許多相關文獻指出材料測試、人體測試及問卷測試的優缺點,但並未提供一有效率的資訊,因此,本實驗目的為探討不同檢測方式的相關性。本實驗方法為將七雙不同廠牌的市售羽球鞋,分別進行材料測試、人體測試以及問卷調查檢測其功能性。材料測試是使用攜帶式避震反彈測試儀以及力板,進行撞擊試驗,而人體測試則是讓12名受測者做跨步動作收集力板資料,問卷調查是請同批受測者填寫滿意度調查表。相關性統計方式採皮爾森相關係數,顯著水準定為α< .05。本實驗結果顯示,在人體測試與材料測試間,負荷率有顯著相關(r = .762),其餘的皆未達顯著。此實驗結果顯示出在負荷率的參數上,可利用材料測試取代人體測試而快速取得結果,但人體測試能觀察到的參數仍最完整,而問卷測試則僅能提供受試者的喜好特性。

English Abstract

Badminton is a popular exercise, but the impact force of the specific movements often caused related injuries for professional badminton players. Many badminton brands would like to improve and develop their badminton shoes in the aspects of cushion and performance enhancement. But there is no standard testing method. Although there had many studies indicate the advantages and defects in material test, human test and questionnaire. However, no comparative information was offered. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to investigate the correlation among different test methods. We used 7 commercial badminton shoes in different brands in this study. The cushioning test instrument and force plate were used in the material impact test. Twelve subjects performed a lunge movements on the force plate and the force were recorded, then completing the satisfied questionnaire. The Pearson's correlation coefficient was used in determine the correlation among different tests. Level of significance was set at 0.05. The result indicated that only the loading rate has significant correlation (r = .762) between human test and material test. The results also indicated that the material test can get similar result as human test, but with less time. The questionnaire offered the preference of subjects only. Human subject test still can obtain the most completed parameters compared with other test methods.

Topic Category 社會科學 > 體育學
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