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Effect of Different Sport Garments on Sports Performance


陳家祥(Chia-Hsiang Chen);劉韶怡(Shao-Yi Liu);相子元(Tzyy-Yuang Shiang)

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垂直跳 ; 爆發力 ; 跳躍高度 ; vertical jump ; power ; jump height



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10期(2014 / 04 / 01)

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10 - 15

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Chinese Abstract

目的:觀察目前市面上三種不同運動褲對於運動表現之影響。方法:本研究招募8位女性受試者(身高163.1 ± 5.9公分;年齡22.75 ± 2.49歲;體重55.76 ± 5.55公斤),使用儀器為Casio EX-F1高速攝影機擷取垂直跳躍時的關節角度變化、Kistler測力板擷取垂直跳躍時的力量變化及紅外線計時器觀察跑步時的速度,進而分析30公尺衝刺跑步速度、執行垂直跳的起跳衝量、起跳爆發力、跳躍高度和落地時的下肢勁度等動作表現進行探討。並使用單因子變異數分析比較三種不同運動褲對運動表現之影響。結果:穿著一般運動束褲、寬鬆運動褲及機能運動束褲在30公尺衝刺跑步速度、執行垂直跳的起跳衝量、起跳爆發力、跳躍高度及落地時的下肢勁度表現均無顯著差異(p > .05)。結論:目前市面上機能運動束褲無法提供較佳的運動表現。建議:未來可針對機能運動束褲加入運動科學的介入,近一步針對運動項目的動作特性及活動的主要肌群,開發一款既可以增進運動表現又可以防止運動傷害的機能運動束褲。

English Abstract

Purpose: To observe the effects of 3 different sport garments currently sold on the market on sports performance. Methods: This study recruited eight female participants (height: 163.1 ± 5.9 cm; age: 22.75 ± 2.49 years; body weight: 55.76 ± 5.55 kg). A Casio EX-F1 high-speed camera was used to capture the change of knee angle during vertical jump. A Kistler force plate was used to measure the change of vertical jump force. An infrared detector was used to record the running time. Running speed of 30 m, vertical jump take-off impulse and power, jump height, and landing stiffness were analyzed. One-way ANOVA was performed to compare the differences of all parameters among the 3 different sport garments. Results: No significant differences were observed in running speed of 30 meter sprint, vertical jump take-off impulse and power, jump height, and landing stiffness among the 3 different sport garments (p > .05). Conclusions: Wearing the functional compression garment can not have better performance than the general compression garment and loose pants. Applications: The current functional compression garments are not able to improve sports performance. Sports science should be applied to invent future functional garment for improving sports performance and preventing sports injuries.

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