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Archery specific-ability of sports science and development technology




張吉堯(Chi-Yao Chang);林勁宏(Ching-Hung Lin);林國全(Kuo-Chuan Lin);吳政文(Cheng-Wen Wu)

Key Words

動作分期 ; 射擊循環 ; 運動表現 ; 感測技術 ; Motion phase ; Shot cycle ; Sports performance ; Sensor technology



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19卷1期(2022 / 03 / 01)

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38 - 43

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Purpose: There was a lot of fine movement used in archery. Also, the factor of archery movements contain variety complex of motion phase. Therefore, the shot cycle of stability been shown to be important contributing factors of archery, furthermore of evaluating the performance is an integral part. Methods: The studies investigate sports sciences application of the archery shot cycle and its development in different perspective: 1. The archery shot cycle phases and sports performance. 2. The sports science enhanced archery. 3. Application of sensor technology to analysis in the archery. Results: This review demonstrates shown the sports science (biomechanics and sensor technology) is a very useful metric for assessing sports performance, quantitative measure the progress on training, and finding improve methods in archery's motion. Conclusions: Thus, concluded that the combine sensors are effective in measuring the skills indicators. Therefore, the suggestion for the coach and researchers is that taking quantitative as the evaluation when making the study of the archery, the measure of the shot cycle and characteristic value.

Topic Category 社會科學 > 體育學