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Management of Foreign Body Ingestion in Children in a Taiwan Rural Hospital: 80 Cases Experience




鄧允武(Yun-Wu Deng);許文祥(Boon-Siang Khor);鄺炳昌(Bing-Chang Kuang);鄭奇殷(Chyi-Yin Cheng);游駿吉(Chun-Chi You);廖訓禎(Shiumn-Jen Liaw)

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異物 ; 食入 ; 內視鏡 ; foreign body ; ingestion ; endoscope



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2卷4期(2010 / 12 / 01)

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120 - 124

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We retrospectively reviewed eighty pediatric cases of ingestion of a foreign body over the past 11 years that had presented at a regional hospital located in rural area of middle Taiwan. Twelve of the patients were lost to follow up. The age distribution was between one year and sixteen years old with a mean age of 4.7 years. The ratio of males to females was 52:28. Coins were the most frequently ingested foreign body and made up 72% (57/80) of the total. The total natural elimination rate was 63.2%. Only one patient suffered from a complication, which was peritonitis due to perforation of intestine wall by a toothpick. There was no mortality.

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