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Experimental study of geothermal tail-water reinjection in the Guanzhong urban area of the Weihe basin, Shaanxi province



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渭河盆地 ; 关中城市群 ; 地热资源 ; 尾水回灌 ; 试验研究 ; 环境地质 ; Weihe basin ; Guanzhong urban group ; geothermy resources ; tail water reinjection ; experimental study



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35卷2期(2014 / 07 / 02)

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32 - 35

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This study uses simulation experiments to analyze the clogging mechanism of geothermal reinjection. Methods to eliminate al types of clogging factor are proposed. The study presents a geothermal reinjection device with four parts:a pumping system, a water treatment system, a reinjection system, and a monitoring system. Geothermal tail-water reinjection tests using ifltering, compression, and chemical descaling obtain the largest injection quantity. The results verify that the geothermal reservoir in Neogene units in the Weihe basin can be reinjected, and provide a scientiifc basis for the sustainable development and utilization of geothermal resources in the urban agglomeration of Guanzhong.

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