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Cost of industrial land of different maturities, with reference to the Shanghai Minhang economic and technological development zone


顾易枫;上海市地质调查研究院;上海市地质调查研究院,上海200072; 上市海国土资源调查研究院,上海200072

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工业用地 ; 租赁价格 ; 企业生命周期 ; 地价分配 ; 出让期限 ; 土地研究 ; industrial land ; lease price ; enterprise life cycle ; land price al ocation ; land transfer period



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35卷2期(2014 / 07 / 02)

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83 - 85

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The land transfer period of industrial land is 50 years. However, the life cycle of both foreign and domestic enterprises is shorter than this time period, and this can cause industrial land to stand idle in industrial parks for long periods of time. This leads to a substantial loss of value-added income. This study uses the Minhang Economic and Technological Development Zone as an example of industrial land price and transfer, and discusses the change in al ocation of a transfer fund after adjusting the transfer deadline for industrial land. Using calculations from the income reduction method, the land price for 20 years is 67%of the land price for 50 years, and the land price for 30 years is 83%of the land price for 50 years. The land price for 20 years with an elastic transfer price ranges between 55% and 65%. The results of the study should serve as a decision-making reference for reasonably estimating the land transfer deadline.

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