The Evolutionary Road: The Common Goal of Human as a Species




Dongdong Du

Key Words

The History of Human Circulation ; The Evolutionary Path of Human ; Reason and Humanity ; Progress and Evolution ; Efficiency and Happiness


Open Journal of Philosophy

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8卷5期(2018 / 11 / 01)

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481 - 494

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Chinese Abstract

This paper puts forward the idea of the right, evolution road of all mankind, and emphasizes that it should be regarded as the common purpose of human beings from the view of human evolution. Also from the point of philosophical, it is clarifying the concept of human path, emphasizing the individual and its existence, openness and humanity based on human nature (human emotion, love, care); the rational (thinking, reason) based on reason, experience, learning and research; and two goals: utilitarian and efficiency, the evolutionary of human beings. In the end, from the view of the question they focused on, attribution, solution and attitude towards human nature, it distinguishes the concept between "the evolutionary road of human beings" and "Noble Eightfold Path" to alert people that development, progress, evolutionary path of human is unparalleled and it is the right way for mankind. Purpose: The combination of reason and human nature, so as to enhancing human efficiency, meeting human needs, and ultimately promoting people into the correct, evolutionary path. Method: Descriptive thinking can be used.

Topic Category 人文學 > 哲學