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The Effect of Extreme Weather Events on the Tourist Population


李晶(Ching Li);夏秉楓(Ping-Feng Hsia)

Key Words

極端天氣事件 ; 遊客量 ; 季節性影響 ; extreme weather events ; tourist flow ; seasonal impact



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9期(2014 / 06 / 30)

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1 - 22

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The increasaing frequency and magnitude of global extreme weather events caused by climate change have a significant influence on the tourism industry. There are few researches deeply discussing about the relationship between extreme weather and the changes of tourist flow. It is apparently important to discuss the extreme weather and the change of tourist flow in the region of Taiwan, where it is a sensitive area to climate impact. The purpose of this study is to discuss the relationship between extreme weather events and the change of tourist flow in Taiwan. And the result of study could be used as a fundamental of sustainable development in response to extreme weather. The study conducted one way ANOVA. And the data in this study contains the number of tourists offered by R.O.C. Tourism Bureau and the damaged of extreme weather events reported in The Fire Statistical Annual of Taiwan published by National Fire Agency, Ministry of the Interior during 1990-2010. The result indicated that the actual tourist population was lower than expected tourist populaion when flooding occurred in spring, draught occurred in summer, or cold air incursion occurred in winter.

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