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Effects of LNT Environmental Education Courses on Primary School Students' Environmental Knowledge and Attitude


吳崇旗(Chung-Chi Wu);林芊穎(Chien-Ying Lin);王偉琴(Wei-Ching Wang)

Key Words

無痕山林 ; 環境知識 ; 環境態度 ; 體驗教育 ; Leave No Trace (LNT) ; environmental knowledge ; environmental attitude ; experiential education



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9期(2014 / 06 / 30)

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69 - 90

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Chinese Abstract

本研究目的是在檢視一套融入無痕山林(LNT)準則的環境教育課程設計及其實施成效。研究對象為高雄市29位國小學童。研究針對無痕山林準則知識與環境態度量表進行「前測與後測」分析,並利用SPSS18.0 Windows套裝軟體進行資料分析,以檢視課程實施成效。研究結果發現:參與課程國小學童在知識是非題中「在可承受的地點行走露營」(t=-4.21)、「尊重野生動植物」(t=-2.12)與「考量其他的使用者」(t=3.82)三個面向以及選擇題中「在可承受的地點行走露營」(t=-2.83)、「適當處理垃圾維護環境」(t=-5.20)與「尊重野生動植物」(t=-4.63)三個面向有所增長並且皆達到統計上之顯著水準。另外,在環境態度量表上「支持傾向」「在乎資源」、「熱愛自然」、「改變自然」、「人類控制」5個面向,平均分數皆呈現增長的現象。根據結果,研究者針對未來課程設計以提出建議,以提供未來環境教育課程執行之參考。

English Abstract

The purpose of this study was to design a set of LNT environmental education courses and also to examine the effects. There were 29 primary school student participants. LNT principles test and environmental attitude scale were used to pre-post test the courses effects with SPSS 18.0 Windows statistics package software. According to the results, participants improved in true/false tests especially statistics significant in three principles, including "travel and camp on durable surfaces" (t=-4.21), "respect wildlife" (t=-2.12) and "be considerate of other visitors" (t=3.82) as well as in multiple choice tests for three principles, including "travel and camp on durable surfaces" (t=-2.83), "dispose of waste properly"(t=-5.20) and "respect wildlife" (t=-4.63). In addition, participants improved in environmental attitude scale (including 5 subscales: intent of support, care with resources, enjoyment of nature, altering nature and human dominance). In the end, the researchers provided suggestions for future course design and implement as reference.

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