A Study on Passion and Well-being of Soccer Club Participants in Taiwan

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朱芳儀(Fang-Yi Chu);張少熙(Shao-Hsi Chang)

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足球 ; 運動熱情 ; 幸福感 ; soccer ; passion ; well-being



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10期(2014 / 12 / 31)

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163 - 178

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Chinese Abstract

本研究目的主要在於分析不同人口統計變項之足球俱樂部參與者熱情與幸福感之影響情形。以臺北市足球俱樂部參與2013-2014年T2 LIGA者,共計450位選手為對象母群體,於2014年3月8日至2014年3月31日,透過問卷調查法得有效樣本450份,以瞭解足球俱樂部參與者熱情與幸福感之現況,並以描述性統計、皮爾森積差相關進行資料分析後,得知本研究結果為:一、臺北市足球俱樂部參與者現況以男性、21-30歲、大專院校程度、以就業者居多。二、臺北市足球俱樂部參與者其「熱情」對「幸福感」之間有顯著相關。三、臺北市足球俱樂部參與其熱情與幸福感之間有正向相關存在。運動熱情中的「強迫式熱情」與幸福感中的「負向情緒」呈現高度的相關性。本研究藉由結果對後續研究建議,足球俱樂部未來應多舉辦足球賽事及相關活動,以鼓勵各界對足球之熱情,從而進一步提升幸福感。

English Abstract

This study is based on passion and well-being of soccer club participants in Taipei. Questionnaires were conducted to participants from T2 LIGA. The researcher took 450 participants as the research subjects through the questionnaires and all 450 were valid. According to the data collected from the questionnaire, descriptive statistics, Pearson product-moment correlation analysis were performed. The results were derived as following: 1. The main group of soccer club participants in Taipei was between 21-30 years old, college / university graduated, employed males. 2. Passion towards well-being showed significance with each other. 3. Soccer club participants are positively associated with their passion and well-being. "Obsessive passion" in passion, and "negative affect" in well-being presents a high degree of correlation. According to the results, soccer clubs in Taipei need to develop more soccer related events for young kids and older adults in order to get more participants in this activity. Therefore, all participants from different age groups can all participate in soccer activities. By increasing passion and enduring involvement towards soccer, the quality of life will improve and the overall well-being will increase.

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