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Discourse Analysis and Narrative of Education-Job Mismatches: A Comparative Study of "United Daily News", "China Times" and "Apple Daily




戴伯芬(Po-Fen Tai)

Key Words

互動傳播的漣漪效應 ; 名人效應 ; 污名 ; 學用落差 ; ripple effects in interactive communication ; celebrity effect ; stigma ; education and job mismatches



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5卷2期(2015 / 07 / 01)

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53 - 78

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Chinese Abstract


English Abstract

The phenomenon of education-job mismatch has been hotly topicalized and discussed by mass media in Taiwan. This paper explores how the mismatch issues got reported by different news media. Based on a comparative discourse analysis of "United Daily News", "China Times" and "Apple Daily", the author finds that the three newspapers do vary significantly in terms of reporting style, content and ideology. While "United Daily" and "China Times" show more editorial controls, "Apple Daily" tended to be liberal if anti-intellectual, featuring more interviews and testimonials. It therefore allowed the reported persons to apply their narrative tactics which sometimes could eventually create celebrity effects and change the previous social stigma, as exemplified by "doctor selling chicken-steaks." The author concludes that attentions should be paid to the ripple effects of the narratives of the reporters and the reported in an interactive communication contextualized by ever-intensified media competitions.

Topic Category 社會科學 > 傳播學
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