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A Study in Mobile Device Embedded Application of Market Competitiveness Analysis




王維忠(Wei-Jong Wang);范國光(Kuo-Kuang Fan)

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軟體市場 ; 五力分析 ; SWOT分析 ; 市場競爭 ; 行動裝置 ; App Market ; Five Forces Analysis ; SWOT Analysis ; Market Competitiveness ; Mobile Device



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2卷3期(2012 / 09 / 01)

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295 - 312

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Chinese Abstract

媒體與行動裝置的結合,挾著網路技術與速度不斷提升,帶來整個社會資訊快速傳遞,也因摩爾定律(Moore's Law)所牽動電子產品運算技術提升與體積縮小之勢,行動裝置的出現改變人類使用電腦的習慣,越來越依賴行動裝置所提供之資訊,使得行動裝置嵌入式應用軟體發展蓬勃,如今行動裝置嵌入式應用軟體商店競爭進入白熱化,本論文研究欲針對行動裝置嵌入式應用軟體市場的近況與發展趨勢,透過文獻分析法,針對行動裝置嵌入式應用軟體的發展環境、產業結構及競爭力,對影響市場競爭之因素進行探討並運用五力分析與SWOT分析,探討行動裝置應用軟體市場所面臨之市場競爭近況進行分析,歸納出行動裝置軟體市場的市場生存策略,提出可行性之建議。

English Abstract

With the Internet technology and speed of the network technology, the combination between media and mobile device bring the rapid information to the whole society. Due to the electric products and computation technology of Moore's Law, mobile device changes the habit of the people which using computers. People become more dependent on the information provided by mobile device. It makes the Mobile device embedded application booming. Today, mobile device embedded application market competition is going to turn white-hot. Our research is to aim at the current situation and trend of development in mobile device embedded application. We use the literarily analysis to focus on the development environment of mobile device embedded application, industry structure and competitiveness. To explore the factors that affect markets, we use five forces analysis and SWOT analysis to find out the mobile device embedded application that faced the current competition in market. The most important thing is we going to analyze it and sum up the survival and strategy of market, and finally propose the feasible suggestion.

Topic Category 社會科學 > 社會學
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