The Characteristics of the Leisure Activities Domestic VFR Tourists Engage in, in the Rural and Urban Areas of Hungary




Michalkó Gábor;Kulcsár Noémi;Szabó Orsolya;Balizs Dániel;T. Nagy Judit

Key Words

VFR tourism ; leisure activity ; domestic tourism ; urban settlements ; rurality


International Leisure Review

Volume or Term/Year and Month of Publication

4卷1期(2015 / 03 / 01)

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125 - 156

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English Abstract

Visiting friends and relatives (VFR) Tourism has been understudied for a long period of time but the last decade has seen a significant upswing in VFR tourism research. While studies analysing the different aspect of VFR tourism are published regularly, the spatial aspects of the leisure activities of the visitors have rarely been dealt with. As VFR tourists are heterogeneous, it is indispensable to analyse the way they spend their leisure time in different geographical spaces (rural-urban) and this leads us to understand the role they play in tourism. According to the regular survey of the Hungarian Central Statistical Office (HSCO) visiting friends and relatives is a primary travel motivation in almost 50% of the overnight stays by domestic travellers, thus Hungary can be considered a perfect ground for the analysis of domestic VFR tourism. In order to assess the spatial features of VFR travels, the authors carried out a questionnaire survey asking 879 Hungarian citizens participating in domestic VFR tourism. The authors determined that there are significant alterations between the leisure behaviour of VFR tourists travelling to different settlement types and that the tourism supply of the destination influences the activities of the visitors. The more inhabitants a settlement has, the higher the possibility is that VFR tourists become consumers of the tourism demand of the settlement.

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