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An Exploration of the Relationship between Sex Role and Self-Concept of Students from Physical Education Department: An Example of National Taiwan Normal University


林雅馨(Ya-Hsin Lin);程瑞福(Ruei-Fu Cheng)

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性別角色 ; 自我概念 ; Sex role ; Self concept



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3期(2014 / 03 / 01)

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27 - 39

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Chinese Abstract

傳統刻板印象中體育系的學生都呈現陽剛味十足且具備男性化的形象,但經由社會環境影響下,男性與女性不再只具有單一性別的特質,體育系學生是否如一般刻板印象較傾向男性化現象。目的:本研究以臺灣師大體育系學生為例,探討其學生的性別角色認知及分化情形,做為瞭解未來體育教師的性別角色分化與自我概念之探討基礎。方法:本研究採用問卷調查法,使用了李氏性別角色量表、田納西自我概念量表,受試者為體育系二、三、四年級學生,男生83人、女生59人,共162人。資料分析採用單因子變異數分析,瞭解不同背景變項對於性別角色分化、自我概念之差異以及性別角色分化與自我概念之差異。結果:一、體育系學生在不同年級、不同性別在性別角色分化上無顯著差異。二、體育系學生在不同性別與自我概念上有顯著差異。三、體育系學生在不同年級與自我概念無顯著差異。四、體育系學生性別角色分化與自我概念上有顯著差異。五、體育系學生在性別角色為兩性化的人口比例佔多數。結論:本研究未加入課程內容、學習環境、家庭環境等因素,往後研究可加入並做深入探討。在未來課程中, 建議可讓學生體驗具有男性化特質與女性化特質的課程內容,進而培養學生較能適應環境的性格。

English Abstract

Students of the Department of Physical Education are presented masculine flavor and have a masculine image in the traditional stereotypes. However, impacted by society and environment, the men and women no longer have the characteristics of single-sex. It's a doubt that if students from Physical Education Department have masculine tendencies as general stereotypes. The purpose of the study was to examine cognition and differentiation of sex role of those students who majored in Physical Education Department in National Taiwan Normal University and offered a foundation for exploring sex role and self -concept of physical education teachers in the future.The subjects were 83 males and 59 females (N=162) in sophomore, junior and senior year of the Physical Education Department. The study used a questionnaire survey. Data was collected via Lee's Sex Role Inventory and Tennessee Self Concept Scale, and analyzed by one-way ANOVA.Results revealed that students of Physical Education Department with different grades and genders were no significant difference in the sex role differentiation, students of Physical Education Department with different gender and self-concept are significantly different, students of Physical Education Department with different grades have no significant difference in self -concept, students of Physical Education Department have significant difference in sex role differentiation and self -concept, and students of Physical Education Department have a high proportion of the population with androgyny in sex roles.It concluded that the study did not include the course content, learning environment, family environment, and other factors. Future research can be added and do in-depth study. This current study suggested that it can let students experience the masculine and feminine traits of the curriculum content in the future course. It can also help the students adapt to the modern environment.The study concluded that future research can add course content, learning environment, home environment and other factors to do further examine. It suggested that teachers can make students experience the course content with both characteristics of masculinity and femininity in the future courses so that students could be much easier to adapt to the environment.

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