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A Study on the Customer Behavior for the Floral Products-A Case Study on the Tianwei Highway Garden, Changhwa County




呂適仲(Shih-Chung Lu);呂崇銘(Chung-Ming Lu);王內建(Nei-Chien Wang)

Key Words

花卉產品 ; 購買行為 ; 消費者購買模式 ; customer behavior ; floral products ; Customer Decision Model



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9卷2期(2011 / 06 / 01)

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1 - 18

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Chinese Abstract


English Abstract

The research used the Customer Decision Model as the conceptual framework and lifestyle variables as the basis of market segmentation to carry out an empirical study in the form of questionnaire investigation. From the analysis result, the prime motive for consumers to purchase floral products is to beautify the living environment and the second is the hobbies of planting flowers. Based on these the products were positioned as leisure goods. The significant information source before purchasing is flower books, and then the others are flower merchants and internet. The factor which customers emphasize most on before evaluating products is the quality, next are price and the ease of growing. The frequency and time slot for most customers to purchase flowers is irregular. Customers prefer to buy flowers and go flower shop most frequently. After purchasing, customers will spend time looking after these flowers and taking care properly after florescence preparing for next blossom.

Topic Category 人文學 > 地理及區域研究
社會科學 > 體育學
社會科學 > 管理學
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