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Determinants of the Rural Men's Possibility of First Marriage in China: A Perspective of Social Network


刘利鸽(Li-Ge Liu);靳小怡(Xiao-Yi Jin)

Key Words

初婚风险 ; 社会网络 ; 农村大龄未婚男性 ; risk of first marriage ; social networks ; old unmarried men in rural areas



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2011卷2期(2011 / 03 / 01)

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21 - 30

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In the context of male surplus in the marriage market, if a man possesses more social network resources before marriage, does it mean an increase in his opportunities to get to know women and to receive loan support, thereby increasing his chance of making his first marriage? We use survey data from X County of Anhui Province to explore the determinants of first marriage risk for 18-to-50-year-old rural males in terms of social network. The results show that: Age at first marriage for men in rural areas is concentrated in the interval between 22 and 27 years old. Unmarried men aged 28 and older, called ”bare branches”, have become a vulnerable group in the marriage market because their probability of getting married declines sharply. A man's personal characteristics and possession of resources, including his pre-marital social network, economic and non-economic characteristics, family and community factors, are likely to affect the risk that he marries; in general, the chance that those men with poorer characteristics and resources enter a first marriage is much less than others. We offer policy suggestions to raise people's concern about the marriage and living conditions of old unmarried men in rural areas and improving their well-being.

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