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Gaps between Fertility Intensions and Fertility Outcomes in China: Patterns and Determinants


陈卫(Wei Chen);靳永爱(Yong-Ai Jin)

Key Words

生育意愿 ; 生育行为 ; 生育率 ; 理想子女数 ; 影响因素 ; fertility intensions ; fertility outcomes ; fertility rate ; ideal number of children ; determinants



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2011卷2期(2011 / 03 / 01)

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3 - 13

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It is well documented that actual fertility deviates from desired fertility in both developed and developing regions. The deviation is also observed in China. According to 2001 China Family Planning and Reproductive Health Survey, the mean actual number of children for women aged 40-49 was 1.8, while their ideal number of children was 2.2. This paper examines patterns of and identify factors associated with the deviation using the 2001 survey data. Results show that women's individual characteristics, sex composition and survival of children and fertility policy are significantly associated with the gap between actual and desired fertility, of which sex preference is the most important factor.

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