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Social Pain: The Concept, Manifestation and Cause


于未娟(Wei-Juan Yu);罗峥(Zheng Luo)

Key Words

社会疼痛 ; 概念 ; 原因 ; 表现 ; social pain ; concept ; manifestation ; cause



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25卷115&116期(2010 / 10 / 30)

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131 - 137+253

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Social pain refers to a special emotional reaction to perception that one is rejected by desired relationships or being devalued by desired partners or groups. One who experiences social pain manifests negative emotion, impairment of self regulation, decrease of prosocial behavior, and aggressive behavior. Social rejection may be the immediate cause of social pain, and is influenced by personal trait and mental health. It is meaningful to study the manifestation and the cause, so that we can know it better and find the way to remission it.

Topic Category 社會科學 > 心理學