Translated Titles

Revelation of School Positive Mental Health Education by Concept of Mental Health Education of TongCheng


张红燕(Hong-Yan Zhang)

Key Words

桐城派 ; 心育观 ; 心理学思想 ; TongCheng School ; concept of mental health education ; psychology thoughts



Volume or Term/Year and Month of Publication

25卷115&116期(2010 / 10 / 30)

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138 - 141

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In today's cultural context of globalization, to maintain the advanced nature of Chinese culture, the essence of the nation studies on regional culture is a necessary road. TongCheng School is a our far-reaching prose genres, the contribution of Tong Cheng's writers in literature and education so far is still worthy of our in-depth study. This article to study the concept of mental health education of TongCheng, such as rehabilitation of view, reasonable concept, support concept, Etc., and it have revelation in positive mental health education of contemporary school, absorb essence of TongCheng's psychology thoughts, and guide students to face difficulties of living and learning with positive attitude, so that students adjust themselves timely, and to enjoy learning, enjoy living, enjoy life actively and happily.

Topic Category 社會科學 > 心理學