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Improvement of Paradigm during the Investigation of Subliminal Perception


霍鹏飞(Peng-Fei Huo)

Key Words

阈下知觉 ; 掩蔽启动范式 ; 语义加工 ; subliminal perception ; mask priming paradigm ; semantic processing



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25卷115&116期(2010 / 10 / 30)

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52 - 54+230

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Though there is a long history of researches on subliminal perception, variety of disagreements existed concerning it. The existence of subliminal perception has been recognized by the academic community largely, but the focus of debate has shifted to which level can subliminal processing reach. Research approaches adopted by the earlier psychologist have been found with lots methodology limitations. The advent of mask priming paradigm have proved to be an effective approach to subliminal perception, thought there are also some criticisms. The experiments of Greenwald and Dehaene have further improved mask priming paradigm, and manifested that subliminal processing can be semantic.

Topic Category 社會科學 > 心理學