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The Literature Review of Pedagogical Content Knowledge in Physical Education




顏貝珊(Pei-Shan Yan);闕月清(Nyit-Chin Keh)

Key Words

教師知識 ; 教學內容知識 ; 質性研究 ; teacher knowledge ; pedagogical content knowledge ; qualitative research



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92年度 (上)(2003 / 06 / 07)

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271 - 278

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Chinese Abstract

受認知心理學的影響,許多研究者視教學為一種複雜且包含問題解決及作決定的認知過程,因此近年來教育研究紛紛轉向教師思考、教師知識與教師知覺的相關研究。教學研究的新趨勢也漸漸影響到體育教學研究上,研究者開始探討教師的教學內容知識(pedagogical content knowledge)的重要性。本文目的欲藉由文獻回顧的方式,整理國內外1988-2002年教學內容知識的相關研究,提供一個具體的方向以供後續研究與師資培育機構參考。經過文獻分析歸納之後所得結論如下:(一)研究對象:主要以實習、職前與初任的體育教師等的生手教師;亦有專家與生手教師之間的比較,了解其知識結構上的不同。(二)研究範圍:大致將研究範圍分為內容知識與教學內容知識,再由各個不同的向度來加以探討。(三)研究方法與工具:其研究方法多半偏向質性研究居多。研究方法有參與觀察、訪談、概念構圖法、開放式問卷等方法。(四)研究結果:教學內容知識是需要透過特定的學科知識訓練,才能提升教師之教學表現,顯示教學內容知識對於教師思考、決策與教師教學效能有正面的影響。

English Abstract

Under the influence of cognitive psychology, many researcher considered teaching as a complex cognitive process that consisted of problem solving and decision making. Therefore, teaching research gradually shifted to study about teacher thought, teacher knowledge and teacher perception. This new trend of teaching research also affected the research of teaching in physical education. Researcher began to look into the importance of teacher's pegagogical content knowledge. The purpose of this paper was to review the literatures related to pedagogical content knowledge from 1988 to 2002, and to offer some thought for future research direction and teacher education institution. The results were: (1) The participant: The subjects were mainly student teacher, preservice teacher and inexperience teacher or novice teacher. The comparison between expert and novice teacher revealed what differences about their knowledge constructure. (2)The Dimension: The research dimensions were divided into content knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge, and investigated with different direction. (3)Research method: Qualitative methods are mainly used, including participant observation, interview, concept mapping, order tree and questionnaire. (4)Research results: Teacher's pedagogical content knowledge were acquired through specific knowledge training, and needed to promote teaching performance. Pedagogical content knowledge impacted positive influence on teacher thought, deciding making and teaching effectiveness.

Topic Category 社會科學 > 體育學